Here’s some useful links to websites whose interests span from medieval logic to theories of matter, from Euclid to Richard Rufus and beyond.


The Aristoteles Latinus Project (director: Lisa Devriese)

The Richard Rufus of Cornwall Project (general editor: Rega Wood)

Calculatores Project by Irene Binini

Specific Topics

Matters of Matter by Zita Toth

Potestas Essendi by Nicola Polloni

Logicalia Medievalia by Caterina Tarlazzi

Texts and Transmission

Euclid’s Elements in the Middle Ages by Menso Folkerts

Medieval Philosophy Digital Resources by Jean-Luc Solère

Post-Reformation Digital Library by David S. Sytsma et al.

What’s New in the Medieval Philosophy Community

In medias PHIL by Robert Pasnau

Medieval Philosophy and Beyond

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps by Peter Adamson