Welcome to Mathematicalia, a website dedicated to the premodern philosophical thought about mathematics, intertwining history of both philosophy and science in the Latinate world. Here you can find a range of diverse materials, news, and useful information to start your journey into this stimulating territory or simply to navigate through my research interests.

Have you ever thought about the link between geometry and physics? Have you ever wondered about how our conception of numbers shaped our view of the material reality? Are you curious about when the human beings started conceiving of the physical world as a mathematized field? Well, you’re in good company!

Atom-sized introduction

I am Clelia Crialesi, the person behind this webpage. I work on medieval philosophy and history of science. My current research focuses on the relation between Euclidean geometry and the late medieval ideas of extension. In a question: what is a point in space? I have also worked on the Neopythagorean tradition in the early Middle Ages, retracing the development of the ‘speculative arithmetic’.

I was born and raised in Rome, but I have lived in Paris (which I consider my second home) and Toronto. Currently, I live in Leuven.