Conferences & Talks


The Oxford Calculators and Their Tradition

Series of online seminars
organized by Irene Binini and Sylvain Roudaut.

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PreMaT, Third Meeting on the 15th century

Videos of the talks are available here.

PreMaT, Second Meeting on the 14th century

Videos of the talks are available here.

PreMaT, First Meeting on the 13th century

Videos of the talks are available here.

Special Session organized by Clelia Crialesi within the SIEPM International Congress in Paris (August 22-26, 2022).

Title: The Fundamental Interplay of Mathematics and Physics in the Late Middle Ages
Cecilia TrifogliComparing Infinities: Some 13th-Century Discussions
Clelia CrialesiMathematical and Physical quantum: 14th-Century Geometrical Arguments for and against Indivisibilism
Sylvain RoudautQuantifying Medieval Science: the Concept of Denomination between Semantics, Mathematics and Metaphysics

Chair: Zita Toth

Some photos from the panel:

L’aritmetica nel medioevo: le fonti e gli snodi principali [new title]

@ CeSIM – University of Milan

Géométrie et Atomisme au Moyen Âge

within the seminar Histoire et philosophie des mathématiques

@ Laboratoire SPHere – CNRS

Les raisons des mathématiques

within the Colloque international La raison au Moyen Âge @ Institut Catholique de Paris

Neopythagorean Traces in the Early Medieval Commentaries on Boethius’ De arithmetica: Towards a Systematic Analysis

CNRS – LEM (Laboratoire d’études sur les monothéismes)

Two Different Approaches to Prime Matter at Chartres: William of Conches and Thierry of Chartres

The Elusive Substrate by Nicola Polloni

L’epistemologia della matematica in Boezio

Sic et Non Centro di Studi sul Pensiero Medievale (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia)